March 19, 2017

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The photo is just before dark at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley on March 6th.

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veni vidi vici said...

As she celebrates marrying her new sweetheart, her son and his father turn their backs and recede into the fading sands of time at dusk...

Laslo Spatula said...

From the Fauxhaus Blog:

Nearly half the Big Apple’s sexually active high-school girls have had female partners — and many engage in behavior that endangers their health, an alarming new study finds.

"Endangers their health"?

Off the top of my head I would think girl-on-girl action is the Safest of the Safe Sex, and this is even if you toss in girl-on-girl pegging (provided that the 'peg' is properly cleaned between usages). But the real question here is: how many of these girls will grow up to be Porn Stars?

It is no secret that many of the female pornstars identify as bisexual. Ash Hollywood: "I had a girlfriend before I had a boyfriend." It is easy to imagine that early lesbian experiences can lead some to lesbian lifestyles. But is early lesbian experience also a Gateway to fucking men (and women) on film?

Does the early flirtation with lesbianism stem from the cocktail (yes, there is 'cock' in 'cocktail') of rebellion and Daddy Issues? Is then becoming a Porn Star the Ultimate Rebellion against Daddy? As I have so eloquently put it before:

"Daddy's Little Girl is Not a Little Girl Anymore! I Can Do What I Want With My Body! It's My Body and You Can't Stop Me, Daddy! Like that, followed by a bout of hysterical crying and a runny nose."

I realize that, for some, their daughter becoming a Porn Star might not be the "Ultimate" rebellion: that may be, say, marrying a Jew. But Trump's daughter married a Jew, and he was fine with that. Not sure what he would think if Ivanka was a Porn Star, though, although I would've liked to have seen that possibility. And -- in that alternate world -- is it Rebellion against the parents for a Jewish Male to marry a Shiksa Porn Star that looked like Ivanka?

Still, some minor scissoring among teenage girls is not the End of the Republic, even if they film it with their iPhone. But that DOES bring up the question: do iPhones cause people to be more Exhibishionist?

Time for a Poll:

What is the Ultimate Rebellion a daughter can do against Daddy?

1. Become a Porn Star, of course. No Father wants to see his little girl banged by three black men simultaneously. Because, if they stay in porn long enough, they will eventually do a scene with three black men. With anal.

2. Marry a Jew. I'm not a Nazi or anything, I just don't want my grandchildren to deny Christ and Burn in Hell.

3. Marry a Black Man. I'm not racist or nothing, I'm just concerned about the safety of her Vagina. Because black men have big cocks.

3. Become a Stripper. Because once the guys in the Office know that your Daughter is a stripper they will make a point to frequent that Strip Club, the bastards. I don't like my co-workers getting lap-dances from my Little Girl.

4. There is no Ultimate Rebellion. I expect my Daughter to test boundaries on the way to becoming a mature, sensible woman.

5. If my Daughter became a Porn Star or a Stripper I sure hope she would bring over her female friends. If she married a Black or a Jew I sure hope they act really White.

I am Laslo.

Kevin said...

Jake Tapper tells Tom Cotton he was unaware that anyone had made allegations of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russian Government. But added "if anyone did", they would owe people an apology if the evidence proved otherwise.

This is right after he repeatedly said there was "no evidence" Trump was wiretapped, and called on Cotton to call on Trump to "apologize" for his lies.

CNN of course edits that part out of the clip in favor of Cotton: I haven't seen evidence of wiretapping.

DavidD said...

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da.

Michael K said...

CNN does a lot of cutting the video. Even pulling the plug.

Fortunately for them, he isn't a SEAL anymore.

jaydub said...

I have trouble understanding the left's position on NATO country defense expeditures. Essentially, every one of the 22 countries in NATO has committed to spending 2% of GNP on defense in support of NATO, but you can count the number who actually do so on the fingers of one hand. The US leads the parade with about 4% while rich countries like Germany (1.2%), Canada (1%) and France (1.5%) have long lagged in their commitments. To put it in round dollars, the US spends twice as much ($600 bil) as the other 22 combined ($300 bil), even though their combined GNP is twice that of the US. By NATO agreements, it should be just the opposite, with the US spending $300 bil and the other 22 $600 bil.

So, my first question is: why is the left/media/democrats upset with Trump demanding that the lagging NATO members, particularly the ones sitting on Russia's doorstep, pay up? My second question is: if the European members of NATO are comfortable with their level of defense spending vis-a-vis the threat, why should the US spend an extra $300 bil to make up the shortage? What am I missing?

viator said...

Life goes on at the Cafe even after the tragic death of someone who played the Elger Cello Concerto better than any human being alive. With her husband, Daniel Barenboim, conducting.

Hagar said...

Not quite right, jaydub. "The Europeans" have little interest in the Far East, but the US does. However, they should get up to at least 450 billion USD and relieve the US to that extent.
They have gotten way too used to the US being the "superpower" after WWII and they being the "poor relations." They have recovered from WWII a long time ago and should act like it.

chickelit said...

Was the groom drunk? He's get the manner and poise of Frankenstein's Monster.

Quaestor said...

And the bride, if such she may be, looks to be standing waist-deep in a gargantuan mound of shaving cream. What's going on there?

JaimeRoberto said...

Those are pretty pictures, but I don't like the symbolism. To me it says marriage is a barren, dusty trail descending ever lower to Death.

Michael K said...

"Hey Laslo -- Aren't most Jews White?"

Not my dental hygienist. She was an Ethiopian rescued by Israelis and raised in Israel. She is married to a white Jew in Orange County and we used to talk about the peculiarities of American blacks. Like my foreign black students, she could not understand them.

She and her husband and children go to Israel every year. She has told me of getting "hate stares" from black women when she is out with her husband.

madAsHell said...

From Laslo link to the New York Post.......

Of 4,600 girls surveyed, 1,101, or 27.5 percent, were sexually active. Of those, 513, or 46.6 percent, reported same-sex experiences, according to the study, published this month in the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.

I believe that their methodology is suspect. I've been having the same-sex for the last 35 years, and it hasn't affected my health.

madAsHell said...

Here's the Amazon link to Chelsea Clinton's new book She Persisted.

Oddly, I'm having trouble finding Bill's new book, She Resisted.

Laslo Spatula said...

"Chelsea Clinton's new book She Persisted."

The Clintons are nothing if not brazen.

"She persisted" was in response to Elizabeth Warren, and became her rallying cry and meme. Probably was going to use that for fund-raising for years.

Then Chelsea co-opts it as the Title for her book. The phrase is now a Clinton Thing.

People late to the party will think Warren is riding on Chelsea's coat-tails.


Again: brazen.

I am Laslo.

sojerofgod said...

Ms. Ann, Was that really an electric blue Tux the groom was wearing? I have seen some unusual get ups but that is almost eye-straining

David Baker said...

"What is the Ultimate Rebellion a daughter can do against Daddy?"


The rest is child's play.

Richard Dolan said...

Enough with the endless political stuff. It gets so repetitive and tiresome.

Althouse likes to blog about music, the Chuck Berry themed posts being only today's example. So ...
Last night I saw a production of Rossini's Otello by LoftOpera, a Brroklyn company that has been producing staged opera performances in warehouses to packed audiences for about three years or so. The singers, all young, were quite good and (mostly) handled the difficult music (lots of ornamented runs into the stratosphere and the like) reasonably well. The performance was live streamed and will be released on YouTube or so they announced.

While the performance was more enjoyable than I expected, the audience was the big surprise. It was sold-out, wall to wall hipster Brooklyn with a few grey haired interlopers sprinkled in. They loved it. At one point, when the tenor singing Otello hit a particularly high note ( and he got it right), the audience started to hoot in delight in the middle of his aria. They didn't quite get the etiquette that prevails in opera-land, but it was wonderful to see so many carried away in that musical moment. Most operas today have a hard time filling the house, and the age of those attending keeps going up. The change in the demographics of the audience over the 30+ years my wife and I have been subscribing at the Met is quite sad. Perhaps LoftOpera has found a formula to attract a new audience to a classic art form.

Now if only someone could also do that for chamber music, what a wonderful world it would be.

Lyle Smith said...

Great photos. Hipster, little boy waving to you and a groom about to eat his own bride.

pacwest said...

"Now if only someone could also do that for chamber music, what a wonderful world it would be."
Note my comment on Bugs Bunny in the Chuck Berry thread. My appreciation of classical music is rooted in that cartoon I'm sure. Get them young and you got them for life. I'm betting 90 percent of the 20-30 yr olds wouldn't recognize Bethoven's Fifth.

BJM said...

Deja vu, MeadeHouse?

Unknown said...

"Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit!

Chuck said...

A new low for matt Drudge.

Above the banner, in Drudge-red headlines, he links to...


I used to really like DrudgeReport. I now go there about 80% less than I did pre-2016.

Etienne said...
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Jose_K said...

Dereck Walcott died.

AprilApple said...

Chuck - look at it this way -- the alphabet mainstream news outlets are so ridiculous and in the tank for the democrat party = you get inforwars.

I Have Misplaced My Pants said...
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Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

It is just after 8:00 Monday morning, and I think I have just heard the dumbest thing I will hear all day - maybe all week.

Queued up the videos on the Wall Street Journal web page to listen to while getting dressed. First up was about Neil Gorsuch. Confirmation to Supreme Court may face problems because "some of his rulings seem to favor corporations over individuals."

That is a criterion for evaluating judges? What about following the law?

Hells bells! What for do we need judges? Corporation :: Individual, Individual wins. Slam dunk.

Maybe I should cancel the WSJ and subscribe to the NYT. Can't get away from slanted news, but maybe at least can avoid dumb.

southcentralpa said...

Okay, is there a name for this ... sort of faux 'Fro-Hawk haircut (for a lack of a better description) that just about every Black player seems to be rocking in the NCAA tournament?